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In Southern Brittany, David Le Ruyet cultivates the wheat grown on his families land for generations to invent this handcrafted specialty with soft wheat: a recipe both innovative and authentic. Fettuccine with the intensely earthy flavour of buckwheat and is not only delicious but highly nutritious and low in gluten.

Producer: Le Ruyet

Region: Bretagne

Ingredients: Buckwheat, Soft Wheat Flour

Quantity: 200 grams


Ingredients Buckwheat flour (40%), Soft wheat flour (36%), organic egg white, organic semi-skimmed milk, Guerande salt.
Speciality Organic farming, 100% Peticide free
Store in a cool dry place

Serving Suggestions

For 2 to 3 people, pour 200g of Fettuccine into 2 litres of slightly salted boiling water (the Fettuccine already contains Guérande salt) and stir slightly. Allow to boil for 3 minutes if you prefer your Fettuccine al dente, and for a further 2 minutes for a softer texture. Once drained, your Fettuccine should be served with a single drizzle of olive oil, walnut oil, or a knob of butter. You can also brown them for 2 minutes in a frying pan or accompany them with meat, fish, herbs, spices, small vegetables or a sauce of your choice.


Le Ruyet

They may have the same appearance, shape and method of cooking as traditional pasta however, legislation states that the naming of “pasta” is reserved exclusively for preparations of Durum wheat (hard wheat). Hence, the name on his packet “soft wheat culinary specialty”.

In Southern Brittany, David Le Ruyet cultivates the wheat grown on his families land for generations to invent this handcrafted specialty which is unlike any other pasta. A recipe both innovative and authentic, winning numerous awards such as Prix Coq d'Or and celebrated by some of the world’s most celebrated chefs including Olivier Roellinger, Alain Ducasse, Bastien Viaud, to name but a few.

The young farmer is dedicated to managing every step in the process, adopting organic farming to his grow 6 different varieties of soft wheat, used to obtain the homogenous flour, 100% free of pesticides and where ladybugs are used to protect his crop from aphids.

To obtain the highest quality, the grain is carefully selected by using an old renovated machine, Pernollet Sorter from 1890 and then transformed into flour by gently milling in a stone mill which was built by his grandfather. It is a traditional method which does not heat the grain and allows the Type 80 flour to retain all its nutritional and natural qualities.

This freshly milled flour is then married to egg and milk, both certified organic, all balanced by a Guérande salt to create a mixture of impeccable texture, which is then pressed in bronze moulds as in the best Italian pastas to give shape to his creation.

They are then kiln dried at low temperatures for between 20-24hrs with varying temperature, humidity and ventilation depending on the recipe so that they can maintain their traditional aspect and flavour.

The result is a soft wheat culinary specialty widely appreciated by their more tender texture than that of durum wheat pasta, with a beautiful ivory-amber colour that are guaranteed to surprise you with their unique and delicious taste all ready to enjoy within 3-5 minutes!

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