Acidulee de Cidre


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Acidulee de Cidre is the result from the natural acetic fermentation of apples. Acidulee de Cidre matures in acacia wood barrels. It has a powerful aromatic taste, with hints of honey, typical of acacia.

Producer: Maison le Paulmier

Region: Normandy

Ingredients: Apple

Quantity: 350ml


Ingredients  Apple cider, water, cider-based aperitif.
Ambient temperature

Serving Suggestions

It accompanies salads, vegetables, fish and seafood. It can also be used to raise the acidity of La Pommée condiment for icing, a sauce or marinade. Its amber color does not mark the dishes.


Le Paulmier

Le Paulmier offers a range of delicious innovative products made from apples and processed according to traditional methods. This process remains faithful to the beliefs of Julien Le Paulmier, lord of Grentemesnil in 1585 and founder of the science of pomology, or the study of apples.

Le Paulmier is nestled in the south of the Auge region, in the heart of Normandy, where they continue to cultivate a love of the fruit and a safeguarding of biodiversity in the orchard which gives a special uniqueness to their products.

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