Sardines Saint-Georges in Olive Oil


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One of the great classics of the conserverie belle-iloise where the smoothness of the fish is enhanced by a semi-fruity extra virgin olive oil, to offer a harmony of flavours which is a fundamental part of the belle-iloise taste. Every year, they taste, choose and assemble their oil being very attentive to its colour, fruity bitterness but also its acidity to create this signature recipe.

Producer: Conserverie La Belle-Iloise

Region: Bretagne

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Sardines

Quantity: 115g


Ingredients Sardines (80%), extra virgin olive oil (18.8%), salt.
Before opening: Keep in dry cool place
After pening: 48 hours if kept in fridge

Serving Suggestions

Delicious straight from the tin or try on toast.


Conserverie La Belle-Iloise

The history of the Conserverie la Belle-Iloise is primarily the story of a family: the Hilliet.

For over three generations, the Conserverie la Belle-Iloise has striven to offer the best in canned fish. The conserverie was established in 1932, near the fishing port of Quiberon, which at the time was one of the largest sardine ports in France.

In order to make the highest quality products, the Belle Iloise has been using fresh fish from responsible fishing practices, carefully selected, and traditionally prepared by hand for pristine results.

It remains today a family-run, artisan factory, using unique know-how to cultivate not only the best flavours, but also the appearance of their products. For the Belle-Iloise, they must be as beautiful as they are good, to evoke both emotions and gastronomy pleasure..

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