Picholine Olive Oil (Apothicaire)


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This single variety extra virgin olive oil is pure first cold pressed fruit juice produced exclusively from Picholine variety olives grown in the Vallée des Baux-de-Provence.  It is characteristically intense, sharp and bitter and is often used as a flavour enhancer.

Producer: Château d'Estoublon

Region: Provence

Ingredients: Picholine Olives

Quantity: 500ml

occasions: Esquisites


Ingredients Picholine olives 100%

Organic Farming with no chemical products or refining processes used in its production.

Preserve between 18 and 21 degrees

Serving Suggestions

It brings out the flavours of early-season vegetables, and works well with carpaccio of fish and tartare of ox with a dash of lemon juice and is perfect for sorbets and ice creams.


Château d’Estoublon

Nestling in the Vallée des Baux in the heart of Provence, Château d’Estoublon is passionate about perpetuating the tradition of exceptional olive oil, sun-drenched wines and Provençal recipes.

Their olive oil is a pure first cold pressed fruit juice with no chemical products or refining processes used in its production it has deservedly built up a reputation for one of the world’s finest olive oils.

Lying between the vineyards and the scrubland, the olive groves cover more than 48 hectares classified as belonging to the Vallée des Baux de Provence Appellation d’Origine Protégée (Protected Designation of Origin).

Pressed within 24 hours of being handpicked and sorted, these fine French oils, much like wines, are characterized by seasonal climatic changes which impart colour, texture, and aromatic variations.

Curtis Cord, Publisher of Olive Oil Times and president of the New York International Olive Oil Competition credits the first time he tasted Château d’Estoublon in part for setting him on his accomplished path in the industry. Cord shares, “you never forget the first time — when you discover how great olive oil should taste, and for me, it was a bottle of Château d’Estoublon.”

These fantastic olive oils and Provençal recipes are always produced with the greatest care as they strive for perfection, they reflect the natural world and the centuries-old secrets of the olive tree.

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