Recipe No.5 Extra Dark Chocolate 80% - Trinidad


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Discover a round and smooth Trinitario cocoa which unfolds in this Swiss chocolate with dry wood notes, mixed with flavours of fresh almonds.

100% pure cocoa butter gluten free, lecithin free, no palm oil and certified organic.

Producer: Carré Suisse

Speciality: gluten free, organic

Region: Swiss

Quantity: 100g



Cocoa paste (100% from Trinidad and Tobago of Trinitario), cane sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla pods. May contain traces of milk, hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts.

80% Cocoa min.

In a dry place (humidity <60%). Temperature between 16 ° C and 18 ° C. Protected from light and odors.


Carré Suisse

The brand story started in a funny way. Aude & Cyrille, Carré Suisse founders, met each other while hitch hiking. They had an immediate professional crush, sharing the same passion for chocolate. Cyrille wanted to emphasize the excellence of Swiss chocolate by launching a new brand, made exclusively with quality products & from cocoa grown by the best producers in the world.

The concept was 4 clear steps;

1 - To make the best chocolate, you must first have the finest cocoa beans.

2 - Guarantee chocolate 100% natural from pure cocoa butter, without additives or preservatives, palm oil or soya lecithin and certified gluten free. Ensure all the ingredients are carefully selected to offer a range of flavours that stir and travel in a mouthful, in a bar with sleek looks and new and delicious recipes.

3 - Chocolates made in Switzerland according to refining methods and traditional conching,  using Swiss chocolate makers, for their expertise and experience, to guarantee your shelves extraordinary finesse. To provide a chocolate which is guaranteed from the bean to the shelf with an unrivalled quality and flavour.

4 - Concerned about the impact of their activity on the environment, they decided to offset their CO2 emissions through myclimate a carbon offset project, which they embrace their guiding principles: "Avoid, reduce, offset". Additionally, they did not forget that the beautiful chocolate adventure started in a forest, the Amazon forest. They use FSC-certified paper in their packaging from responsibly managed forests.

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