Honey Mustard


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Blend good honey with mustard seeds and the result is this deliciously smooth, sweet and spicy mustard.

Producer: Bornibus

Region: Paris

Ingredients: Honey, Mustard Seed

Quantity: 250 grams


Ingredients Water, Mustard Seeds, Honey 15%, Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Potassium Metabisulfite (as a preservative) Citric Acid.
Speciality Kosher
Preserve in fridge for 1 month after opening

Serving Suggestions

It’s great on a hot dog or sandwich, delicious on fried fish, pork chop, or a pure classic with chicken.


Maison Bornibus

Founded in 1861, Maison Bornibus was to become one of the great mustard houses of Paris. Its creator, Alexander Bornibus, has long been considered one of the kings of mustard.

In 20 years, he won over forty medals at major Exhibitions and prestigious international competitions and was praised by Alexander Dumas in his 1873 “Great Dictionary of Cuisine.”

"Culinary, finally, you ask me what my favorite preparation. Until I have tasted and enjoyed the mustard Mr. Alexander Bornibus, I preferred Maille mustards and mustard Bordin all ; but when I had the chance to taste this one is, I understood that she was eventually prevail over all others " Alexander Dumas.

Today, Bornibus products are still manufactured and packaged in factories located in Champagne, Dormans, the chief town of a canton of the Marne.

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