Chestnut Cream


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This particularly creamy chestnut spread is Angelina’s exclusive recipe, made from the best quality chesnuts and vanilla bean, which makes it unctuous and delicate.

The chesnut cream is the main ingredient of Angelina's signature pastry : The Mont Blanc, a delicious combination of meringue, whipped cream and chestnut  cream vermicilli.

Producer: Angelina

Region: Paris

Ingredients: Chesnut, Sugar, Vanilla bean

Quantity: 350g



Chestnuts (50%), refined sugar, vanilla pods.

Keep at room temperature. After opening keep refrigerated.

Serving Suggestions

Chestnut cream can be eaten alone with a spoon or on bread, a brioche or a slice of cake. It is also used for the making of many desserts and blends in with yogurt, ice cream or with whipped cream.



In 1903 the confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer founded Angelina, which he named after his daughter-in-law. For over a century the tearoom has built a reputation as a place of sophistication and indulgence. As soon as it opened, Angelina became the place to be among the Parisian aristocracy. Proust and Coco Chanel rubbed shoulders with the biggest names in fashion in Angelina's salons.

The interior, designed by the famous Belle Epoque architect Edouard-Jean Niermans, combines elegance, charm and refinement to create a sense of romanticism and poetry. Angelina is a tranquil, exquisite space, somewhere between serenity and indulgence.

Based on this experience, the Angelina House has developed a range of products to allow everyone to rediscover the pleasures of this legendary tea room at home.

“…most everyone else is there for one reason and one reason only: The chocolat chaud,…They are famous for it and it’s easy to see why. It’s served in a cup, it’s pourable, and you can drink it, but to call this rich, chocolaty concoction a beverage in the same category as coffee or tea is stretching it. This is a dessert, really.” - Barbra Austin

 “…the place is always packed-full of French society women and tourists side-by-side spooning up their gloriously rich, and impossibly thick, le Chocolat Africain.” - David Lebovitz

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